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Landmark TAILORx Results

The long-awaited results of the Trial Assigning IndividuaLized Options for Treatment (TAILORx) definitively identified the vast majority of women with early stage breast cancer who will receive no benefit from chemotherapy, and the minority for whom chemotherapy can be life-saving.

What Is the Test

The Oncotype DX® test analyses the activity of 21 genes from the breast cancer tumour to provide an individual Recurrence Score® result, which is unique to the biology of a patient’s cancer.

Getting Tested

The Oncotype DX test should be used when the benefit of chemotherapy for a patient is uncertain. The test increases both the patient and her doctor’s confidence in treatment decisions.

An individual individual answer.

Visit these pages for further information on the Oncotype DX test, cancer-related terminology, and FAQs.

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