Interpreting the Results

Exact Sciences makes understanding Oncotype DX Breast DCIS Score test results as easy as possible. A detailed Breast DCIS Score report is generated for each patient. The report includes the DCIS Score result—a number between 0-100 that predicts your patient’s 10-year risk of local recurrence—along with supporting information. Download a sample report (PDF).

Understanding the DCIS Score

The report includes the DCIS Score result—a number between 0-100—which provides insight into the risk of the patient’s cancer recurring in the next 10 years (as another local DCIS tumor or as an invasive tumor).

This numeric score makes it easy for patients to understand their level of risk. As a result, discussing treatment options with your patients is easier and more efficient, and patients may feel more confident about their decisions.

Interactive report guide

A quick and intuitive explanation of the new DCIS report, including the patient-friendly handout.

Additional information in the report

In addition to the DCIS Score result, the report will include additional information, such as:

  • DCIS Score result is graphically displayed to illustrate the patient’s risk of having another DCIS local recurrence versus the chances of having an invasive local recurrence .
  • Quantitative ER and PR single gene scores are presented on the final page.

How the score is generated

The Breast DCIS Score test is a genomic test. The result is based on the behavior of 12 specific cancer-related genes from tumor tissue removed during a surgery or biopsy. Looking at the activity of this unique set of genes gives information about how likely the cancer is to return. The Breast DCIS Score test is the only genomic test available for DCIS patients. Learn more about the test and evidence it works from two independent clinical validation studies.

Getting the results

Most Breast DCIS Score reports are available within two weeks from the date the specimen is received in the Exact Sciences lab. You can access test results, archived cases, and more through the online physician portal or receive the report by fax.

Start Report Guide
Start Report Guide
Start Report Guide
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