Is Your Patient Eligible?

DCIS Pateint and Doctor 

The Oncotype DX Breast DCIS Score test  provides information about your DCIS patient’s tumor—such as a prediction of 10-year risk of local recurrence and a baseline risk assessment to help decide if radiation therapy (XRT) will be beneficial. Learn more about the test results and how they can help you and your patients make confident, personalized treatment decisions. 


Women are eligible for the Breast DCIS Score test if they have been:

  • Diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS).
  • Treated by local excision (lumpectomy) or have had a core biopsy.

Note: Patients with early-stage and ER-positive invasive breast cancer, may be eligible for the Oncotype DX Breast Recurrence Score test.

When to order the test

Because the goal of the Breast DCIS Score test is to facilitate treatment planning for DCIS patients, the best time to order the test is before treatment planning begins. Ordering is easy, and the test can be run on a post-lumpectomy tumor sample or on a core biopsy.

Insurance and financial assistance

The Breast DCIS Score test is covered by Medicare and private insurance coverage varies. In addition, Exact Sciences created the Genomic Access Program (GAP) to help patients navigate the insurance and other payment options for Oncotype DX tests. Learn more about insurance coverage and financial assistance.

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