Neoadjuvant in Clinical Utility

Neoadjuvant therapy

For patients with large tumor to breast ratios who are interested in breast-conserving surgery, neoadjuvant therapy—such as chemotherapy or endocrine therapy—is an increasingly common consideration.

Research results have shown that the Breast Recurrence Score test is a predictor of response to neoadjuvant treatment and provides useful information to guide systemic treatment decisions:1-5

  • Neoadjuvant studies are consistent with adjuvant studies that the Recurrence Score results correlate with benefits from adjuvant hormonal therapy and chemotherapy.
  • Results indicate that lower Recurrence Score results are associated with greater clinical responses from neoadjuvant hormonal therapy.
  • Findings suggest that higher Recurrence Score results are associated with greater clinical and pathologic responses from neoadjuvant chemotherapy.
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