Oncotype DX Results: What to Expect

Because waiting for—and understanding—your cancer test results can be stressful, Exact Sciences makes understanding your Oncotype DX Breast DCIS Score test results as easy as possible.

Your results are available to your doctor approximately two weeks after your tumor sample arrives at the Exact Sciences's laboratory. The results provide a score between 0-100 that indicates how likely your cancer is to return in the next 10 years. You and your doctor can discuss the score (along with supporting information provided) and how it affects your treatment plan.

Has your doctor ordered the test?

Has Your Doctor Ordered Oncotype DX for you?

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Understanding your score

What can you learn from your test results?

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Understanding your Breast DCIS Score

Your Breast DCIS Score provides insight into the risk of your cancer recurring in the next 10 years—either as another local DCIS tumor or as invasive breast cancer.

The Breast DCIS Score result is a number between 0-100. A low score means there is a lower chance that cancer will return, and a high score means there is a higher chance for cancer recurrence. You and your doctor can use this information to decide how aggressive to be with your cancer treatment. For example, with patients with a high score often choose more aggressive treatment options than patients with low scores.

It is important to understand that a low Breast DCIS Score result does not mean that there is no chance that your breast cancer will return. And, a high Breast DCIS Score result does not mean that your breast cancer will definitely return. So, your treatment decisions still depend on your unique situation and personal preferences.

Additional information you’ll receive

In addition to your Breast DCIS Score result, your report will include further information that might help guide your treatment plan. For example, you’ll see your Breast DCIS Score result plotted on graphs that show your chance of any (invasive or DCIS) local recurrence and chance of invasive cancer (invasive recurrence) in the next 10 years. You will also get information on the activity levels of hormone receptors in your tumor, which indicate whether hormone therapy is a potential treatment option for you.

How your score is generated

The Breast DCIS Score test is a genomic test—it looks the activity of your tumor’s genes. Your score is based on the behavior of specific genes from tumor tissue removed during the surgery. Looking at this unique set of genes—how they act and how they are expressed—provides information about how likely your cancer is to return. The Breast DCIS Score test is the only genomic test available for DCIS patients.

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