Is Your Patient Eligible?

The Oncotype DX Colon Cancer Recurrence Score test provides information about your patient’s tumor—such as risk of recurrence, and insight into the choice of adjuvant therapy.

Learn more about the test results and how they can help you and your patients make informed, personalized treatment decisions.


Your patient is eligible for the Colon Recurrence Score test if they:

  • Are newly diagnosed with anatomic stage II, T3, MMR-P* or stage III A/B colon cancer.
  • Have undergone surgical resection.
  • Have not started chemotherapy or other treatment.

When to order the test

Because the goal of the Colon Recurrence Score test is to facilitate treatment planning, you must order the test before treatment planning begins. Ordering is easy, and you can do so as soon as your patient’s resected colon tumor tissue is available.

Insurance and financial assistance

The Colon Recurrence Score test is covered by Medicare and private insurance coverage varies. In addition, Exact Sciences offers assistance to help patients navigate the insurance and other payment options for Oncotype DX tests.

Learn more about insurance coverage and financial assistance.

* Since stage II, MMR-D patients have a low baseline risk of recurrence, available data indicate that adjuvant chemotherapy may provide minimal if any clinical benefit.1,2 Therefore, the Colon Recurrence Score test is only performed in MMR-P patients.


1. Kerr et al. J Clin Oncol. 2009.
2. Sargent et al. J Clin Oncol. 2010.

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