About the Oncotype DX Colon Recurrence Score Test

If you’ve been diagnosed with stage II or stage III A/B colon cancer, you have a number of treatment options to consider. But how do you choose the right therapy for you?

The Oncotype DX Colon Recurrence Score test looks at the biology of your tumor to find out how likely your cancer is to return.1-4 Based on the results, you and your doctor can understand your disease progression and choose the best course of treatment for you.

Reasons to get the Colon Recurrence Score test

Each patient has an individualized level of risk, making the choice of treatment different for everyone. Part of your decision involves understanding the likelihood of your cancer returning and how your condition is managed after surgery.

Before the Colon Recurrence Score test, doctors could only base their recommendations on a few tumor features including margin width, size, and grade. The Colon Recurrence Score test provides information about your tumor that traditional methods can’t offer, including additional information about the chance of your cancer returning and spreading.1-4

More than 700,000 patients around the world have relied on the information provided by the Oncotype DX tests for breast, colon, and prostate cancers to help make more-informed treatment choices.5

How the test works: No additional procedures necessary

The Colon Recurrence Score test is performed on tissue removed during your initial surgery (resection), so no additional procedures or samples are needed. Your doctor should order the test after your surgery and before you start any chemotherapy or treatment.

Here’s how the Colon Recurrence Score test works:

STEP 1 - You have surgery to remove your tumor.

STEP 2 - Your doctor orders the Colon Recurrence Score test.

STEP 3 - The hospital sends a portion of the tumor sample to the Exact Sciences laboratory.

STEP 4 - The Exact Sciences laboratory examines genes in your tumor.

STEP 5 - Your doctor has access to your results typically within two weeks of the lab receiving the sample.

STEP 6 - You and your doctor review your results to help decide on a treatment plan that fits your needs.

Get more information

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