How to Order a Test

With Exact Sciences' Physician Portal, ordering a test is easy, tracking test progress, and accessing results are convenient and efficient. On the portal:

  • Orders can be submitted online—virtually eliminating the need for follow-up calls to complete any missing information.
  • All patient orders and results reports can be viewed, tracked, and sorted quickly.
  • Orders and results reports may be viewed online, printed, or downloaded as PDFs.

If you have do not have an online portal account, sign up now for a new account. If you have forgotten your user ID or password, reset it on the account activation form.

Contact Customer Service for more information at 866-ONCOTYPE (866-662-6897).

Step-by-step instructions

There are four basic steps to ordering the Oncotype MAP Pan-Cancer Tissue Test:

STEP 1 - Obtain a specimen kit

Exact Sciences provides a specimen transportation kit for each patient’s tissue sample.
  • Contact Customer Service at 866-ONCOTYPE (866-662-6897) to request a kit.
  • STEP 2 - Complete a requisition form

    Fill out each section completely. To maximize efficiency, submit your requisition form online through our Physician Portal
  • Alternatively, you can complete a Requisition Form and submit via fax to 866-444-0640.
  • STEP 3 - Submit a sample

    Exact Sciences will work directly with the pathology account indicated on the order to retrieve the patient’s sample and provide a specimen kit for testing. Please make sure you provide the pathology account information and any other relevant specimen details in order to facilitate these requests.
  • Download the Specimen Submission Guidelines
  • STEP 4 - Access test results

    Most Oncotype MAP Pan-Cancer Tissue Test reports are available within 3-5 business days* from the date we receive your qualified sample at our laboratory.
    For detailed instructions on how to order a test, either through our online portal or by downloading and faxing a paper requisition form, log in to our Physician Portal and watch the video.

    Shipping Instructions

    shipping icon Step 1

    Place the Oncotype MAP Requisition Form, a copy of the pathology report, and relevant patient demographics and insurance materials in the Oncotype MAP Pan-Cancer Tissue Kit.

    shipping icon Step 2

    Place the Oncotype MAP Specimen Kit into the FedEx® Clinical Pak. DO NOT include any patient identifiers on the Specimen Kit.

    shipping icon Step 3

    The airbill is pre-printed with Exact Sciences shipping information for your convenience.

      SHIP TO:
      Exact Sciences
      445 N. 5th Street, Suite 300
      Phoenix, AZ 85004

    shipping icon Step 4

    Seal the Clinical Pak by removing the plastic adhesive protector from the white strip and secure.

    shipping icon Step 5

    Place the package in the designated FedEx pickup location at your site.

    shipping icon Questions?

    Contact Customer Service at 866-ONCOTYPE (662-6897).


    * Data on file, in-house assay optimization protected by trade secret/patent regulations. Turnaround time is based on qualified sample receipt.

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