Why Use the Oncotype MAP Pan-Cancer Tissue Test

Cancer treatment is not a one-size-fits-all solution because everyone’s cancer is unique. With advanced cancer, you need faster answers. The Oncotype MAP Pan-Cancer Tissue test is a genomic test that looks at hundreds of genes within your tumor that have been associated with cancer development. This enables your doctor to develop a treatment plan that is informed by the genomic profile of your tumor and is backed by science ensuring you get the personalized care you deserve. 

How the test works

The tissue from your tumor that has already been biopsied or removed is sent to our lab for analysis. No additional procedures are required.

From there, the Oncotype MAP test examines the gene mutations in your tumor, known as genomic profiling, to provide critical information about treatment options that may be appropriate for your cancer. The test assesses more than 100 therapies, 45 combination therapies, and 650 clinical trials.

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Combination Therapies
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Clinical Trials

The test results are sent to your doctor in the form of a report, and you and your doctor will review the results together to determine your personalized treatment options.

How will the test be used in my treatment?

With the information from your Oncotype MAP test, your doctor can tailor treatment strategies based on your tumor’s gene mutation matches. The information in the report can help your doctor identify available targeted treatments and immunotherapies that are most appropriate to treat your cancer. The test report also identifies clinical trials associated with your type of cancer. 

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When to have the test? 

In order to identify treatment options with the optimal potential benefit, genomic profiling should be done following your advanced cancer diagnosis. If you’ve received treatment in the past and it has not been effective, genomic profiling may help your doctor identify a more beneficial treatment option.

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What’s needed to perform the test?

The Oncotype MAP Pan-Cancer Tissue test is performed using a very small sample of the tumor tissue that was removed during your biopsy or surgery. This means that no additional procedure is needed for this test. Tumor samples are typically saved by the hospital where your initial procedure was performed and can be shipped to the lab for testing. 

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