Eligibility & Testing

Is the test right for you?

If you’ve been diagnosed with advanced cancer the Oncotype MAP Pan-Cancer Tissue test may help inform your treatment options.  Receiving comprehensive information quickly to inform treatment decisions could be life-changing. 

Three simple steps to get the test

With the Oncotype MAP Pan-Cancer Tissue test results are available quickly to ensure you and your doctor have the information you need to help create a plan that is right for you.

  1. TEST
    The Oncotype MAP test is conducted on a small tissue sample already taken from your most recent biopsy.
    In order to help guide your treatment, your results will include a list of available treatment options based on the genetic and protein changes identified in your tumor sample. 
    Receiving personalized treatment options from the Oncotype MAP test allows you and your doctor to better understand your options and make informed decisions about which treatments may be more beneficial for you.
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