How to Order the Test

From ordering a collection kit to accessing test results, Exact Sciences makes the Oncotype DX AR-V7 Nucleus Detect test process as easy as possible.

Getting a collection

To conduct the test, you will need an AR-V7 Nucleus Detect test collection kit at your location before you collect a blood sample from your patient. You can request collection kits by contacting your local sales representative or the Customer Service team at 866-ONCOTYPE (866-662-6897). Kit orders are usually processed within a day and received within 48 hours.

Collecting and submitting a sample

The collection kit box includes everything you need to collect a sample and ship it safely to our laboratories. It’s important to remember that there are several steps that need to be completed before and after a patient’s blood sample is collected for the test and specimen transportation process to work properly.

Watch the video below or download the step-by-step instructions PDF.

Oncotype DX AR-V7 Nucleus Detect Specimen Collection Kit Instructions

How to prepare for the test, collect a sample, and ship the sample to our laboratories.


Step 1 - Prepare for the test

  • Calendar Icon Open the collection kit to access the blood collection tube.
  • Inspect for broken or expired items. Do not remove thermal packs. Do not discard any items.
  • Complete the AR-V7 Nucleus Detect test order form, fill out the blood tube label and apply all (3) phlebotomist labels as specified.
  • Step 2 - Collect the sample

  • Test Tube Image Label the tube with the patient’s first and last name, DOB, and/or MRN, and date/time of specimen collection (Month, Day and Year).
  • Apply label lengthwise on the blood tube. Do not cover any other labels.
  • Using the included blood tube, collect at least 8mL peripheral blood.
  • Immediately INVERT the tube ten (10x) times after blood draw to prevent clotting
  • Place the blood collection tube into absorbent sleeve and conical.
  • Replace the conical cap. Place the conical into the center of the canister and replace the canister cap. Place the canister into the collection kit box.
  • Fold and place the completed order form, a copy of the patient’s insurance, and any other accompanying documents into the kit box.
  • Step 3 - Ship the sample

  • Federal Express IconPlace the collection kit box directly into the pre-addressed FedEx Clinical Pak, seal the Pak, and store at ROOM TEMPERATURE (15-30 degrees Celsius / 50-86 degrees Fahrenheit) pending shipment. DO NOT refrigerate or freeze kit or contents.
  • Ensure FedEx Pickup is scheduled for the SAME DAY sample is collected.
  • Ship via FedEx Priority Overnight to:
    Epic Sciences
    ATTN: Clinical Laboratory
    9381 Judicial Drive, Suite 200
    San Diego, CA 92121
  • Accessing test results

    Most results are available within two weeks from the date we receive your patient’s sample in our laboratory.

    Use our online physician portal to track your test progress and access results conveniently and efficiently. Through the portal, result reports may be viewed online, printed, or downloaded as PDFs. You can also receive the results by fax.

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