Interactive Report Tool

Increase your understanding of how the Oncotype DX GPS assay refines patient risk levels for more informed treatment decisions.Select an NCCN risk group in step 1 and then add a GPS score in step 2 to see how the combination gives you a more informed risk across multiple clinical endpoints and individualized risk factors.


STEP 2: SELECT A GPS RESULT ? The Average GPS score for the NCCN Low risk group is 12

Show adjustable scale from 0 to 100, intervals of 5.

GPS + NCCN®: Very Low Risk

The combination of NCCN® and GPS has resulted in a Downgraded Risk

GPS Score Animation
Text and 3 balloons here
Clinical Interpretation - Clinical Endpoints - Individualized Risk
The combination of GPS and clinical features predicts that this patient's risk is consistent with NCCN Very Low Risk disease. In a clinical validation study including patients with NCCN Very Low, Low, and intermediate Risk, no patient with a GPS result <20 had="" metastasis="" or="" died="" from="" prostate="" cancer="" within="" 10="" years.="">
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