Oncotype DX Results: What to Expect

The Oncotype DX AR-V7 Nucleus Detect test accurately identifies which patients will not respond to androgen receptor (AR)-targeted therapies (such as XTANDI® or ZYTIGA®*) and should receive chemotherapy or other therapies instead.

Understanding your test results

The AR-V7 Nucleus Detect test looks for AR-V7—a protein that is sometimes found in the tumor cells in a mCRPC patient’s blood. The possible results from an AR-V7 Nucleus Detect test are:

  • AR-V7 negative (AR-V7-): An AR-V7- result means the test did not find any AR-V7 protein in your circulating tumor cells and your tumor may respond to AR-targeted therapies.
  • AR-V7 positive (AR-V7+): An AR-V7+ result means that the test did find AR-V7 protein in your cells and your tumor will not respond to AR-targeted therapies. In this case, your doctor will likely suggest another therapy, such as chemotherapy.

Your results can change over time

Many mCRPC patients eventually become AR-V7+, and studies show that the likelihood of AR-V7 in the blood increases with each exposure to AR-targeted therapy. As a result, even if your first AR-V7 Nucleus Detect test is AR-V7-, your doctor may recommend the test after each round of AR-targeted therapy.

When to expect your results

Most results from the Oncotype DX AR-V7 Nucleus Detect test are available within two weeks from the date your blood sample is received by our laboratory. The results are sent to your doctor so that he or she can discuss the results with you and answer your questions.

*Xtandi® is a registered trademark of Astellas Pharma, Inc. Zytiga® is a registered trademark of Johnson and Johnson.

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